Flag and Emblem

National Flag

The national Flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea consists of a central red panel, bordered both above and below by a narrow white stripe and a broad blue stripe. The central red panel bears a five-pointed red star within a white circle near the flagpole. The red star symbolizes the glorious revolutionary traditions inherited by the Republic. The red panel symbolizes the noble patriotic spirit of the revolutionary forerunners and the fighting spirit of the Korean people. The narrow white stripes represent the homogeneous Korean nation with a long history and resplendent culture. The broad blue stripes symbolize the desire to fight for the victory of the ideals of independence, peace and friendship in unity with the progressive peoples of the world. The ratio of the flag's width to its length is 1:2.

National Emblem

The national emblem of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has the design of a grand hydroelectric power station, symbolizing an independent modern industry and the working class, the leading class, under Mt. Paektu, the sacred mountain of the revolution, and the beaming light of a five-pointed red star, with ears of rice forming an oval frame, bound with a red ribbon bearing the inscription "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea".