Literature and Art

Literature and art in the DPRK perform a mission as a textbook for life that educates the popular masses in a revolutionary way and inspire them for creative labor and as a weapon for struggle.

A large number of cultural facilities such as Mansudae Art Theater, People's Palace of Culture, Moranbong Theater and East Pyongyang Grand Theater have been built so as to provide creation and artistic activities for writers and artistes and fully satisfy the high cultural demands of the people.

In terms of literature and art creations, creations by broad sections of the people are encouraged on equal terms with professional writers and artistes. In all areas of film, literature, opera, drama, fine art, music, dance and acrobatics, a great number of works of high ideological and artistic value reflecting revolutionary traditions and present lives have been created.

The Grand Mass Gymnastics and Art Performance "Arirang" is a showcase of highly developed literature and art of the DPR Korea.