Overseas Korean Nationals

The Korean nationals in Japan and other countries comprise those Koreans who were forcibly taken to Japan as labour draftees, conscripts, etc. or who drifted abroad in search of livelihood in the years of Japanese imperialist colonial rule and their descendants.

As stateless people, they were long subjected to national discrimination, deprivation of rights and destitution in alien lands. The Government of the DPRK instituted the law of nationality to provide all overseas Korean nationals with the legal status of citizens of the Republic and took a number of measures for their protection.

Today all overseas Korean nationals are striving for the reunification and prosperity of the country with a high sense of national pride and self-respect.

The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan

The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) was formed on May 25, Juche 44 (1955).

Chongryon, a powerful organization of overseas citizens of the DPRK, has a close-knit system of organization, from the Central Standing Committee down to the local prefectural headquarters, chapters and branches. It has under its wing many organizations involving all sections of society youth, women, traders and industrialists, educators, men of culture and religious men. It also has its own mass media, publishing houses, news agency, scientific, art and sports organizations and economic and trade organs.

Chongryon publishes scores of periodicals and also translates the works of President Kim II Sung and Comrade Kim Jong II and other books, and newspapers into several languages for distribution to different countries and regions throughout the world.

It has set up a well-organized educational system ranging from kindergarten to university to provide a democratic, national education for tens of thousands of sons and daughters of Koreans in Japan at hundreds of schools at all levels.