Parks/Pleasure Grounds

Kaeson Youth Park

Kaeson Youth Park is situated at the foot of Moran Hill. Completed in April Juche 73 (1984), it covers an area of more than 400,000 sq.m. It is equipped with 10 varieties of 84 machines. A fountain, Unsa, Moran and Chongsu Pavilions add charms to the park. The Buddhist Temple Ryonghwa stands in the park.

Mangyongdae Fun Fair

It is the largest fun fair in the country completed in April Juche 71 (1982). Covering an area of 600,000 sq.m, it is divided into sections 1, 2 and a wading pool. 50 kinds of equipment serve about 100,000 people a day.

Taesongsan Fun Fair

The fun fair stretches along the Taesongsan Pleasure Ground in October Juche 66 (1977), covering an area of over 180 000d. It has 16 kinds of equipment. Besides varieties of service facilities including a swimming pool, a boating pool and a folk game ground provide favourable conditions to the visitors, accommodating over 30 000 peole.

Munsu Fun Fair

Situated at Munsu Street on the bank of River Taedong, Munsu Fun Fair was completed in May Juche 83 (1994) covering an area of 235 000d. It consists of a fun fair, a swimming pool, a rhythmical movie house, a folk game ground, a pachinko room and other service facilities. It has 23 varieties of equipment, accommodating 15 000 people a day.


Central Botanical Garden

5,600 varieties of local and foreign plants grow in the Garden nestled at the foot of qt. Taesong. It is divided in Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia greenhouses, gift plants greenhouse, a plant museum, a plant sample exhibition preserving samples of plants and seeds, gardens of gift plants, plant classification, an ornamental trees, medicinal herbs, flowers, roses, samples of edible fruit-bearing trees, fruit-bearing plants, plants resources, gift fruit trees, an arboretum, experimental plots and nursery gardens.

Moran Hill

Situated in the city centre, it has been called as the "garden of the capital". It derives its name from the shape of peony blossom. Choesung Pavilion is situated on the highest place (95 m). Many historical remains create a charming atmosphere. The moss-clad old ramparts, Ulmil Pavilion, Chilsong Gate, Chongnyu and Pubyok Pavilions provide fascinating views. Kim Il Sung Stadium, the Arch of Triumph, Moranbong Theatre, the Outdoor Theatre and Moran Restaurant sit on its foot.

Mt. Taesong

Rises at Taesong District, Pyongyang, Mt. Taesong has been one of the famous mountains with cultural e mains of Koguryo dynasty. Peaks Somun, Ulji, Jangsu, Kuksa and Jujak are linked like a folding screen. Preserved in the mountain are the 200-m rampart on Somun Peak, a carp pond and other ponds which are the vestiges of the old military fortress on Jangsu Peak. The Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery is on the top of Jujak Peak and the Central Zoo and Botanical Garden lie at the approach of the pleasure ground.

Rungna Islet

Rungna Islet is located in the middle of rever taedong flowing through the city centre. Covering an area of about 1.3, it measures 6 km round, 2.7 km long and 0.5 km in widest area. Various trees, flowers and garden animal hutches create an emotional feeling for breathing. Outdoor sports and cultural facilities and other service facilities are well arranged including pergolas, training fields, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a swing site and a Korean wrestling (ssirum) site. May Day Stadium with 150 000 seats rises on the islet.

Central Zoo

It is the biggest zoo in the country nestled at the foot of Mt. Taesong. It keeps over 650 species and 6 000 local and foreign animals. An aquarium, an elephant cage, aviaries for predatory birds, cotes for aquatic birds and 50 cages of garden animals are in the zoo. Also in the zoo is a animal museum presented to General Kim Jong Il by Jonas Wahlstrom, director of the Skansen Aquarium, Sweden.