Pyongyang is the replica of past, present and future of the country, which one can learn and experience the history, brilliant culture, wisdom, talents and gorgeous manners of the Korean people as well as the breathtaking city views.

Pyongyang is the capital of the DPRK. It is the heart of the socialist Korea. It is located in the middle of the northwestern part of the Korean peninsula. It is divided in 19 administrative districts and 4 counties with the population of over 2 million.

The capital has been called as one of the "8 Scenic Wonders of Korea" for its splendid views. Clear River Taedong and its branches harmonizing with hills like Mangyong and Moran create a whole wonderland. It is the cradle of Korean nation and culture as well as the capital city of Kojoson (Ancient Korea) about 5 000 years ago and that of Koguryo, the powerful state of the Orient.

It is blessed with Mangyongdae, native home of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Il Sung University where the revolutionary achievements of General Kim Jong II are associated. Pyongyang is richer in monumental structures including the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill and the Tower of Juche Idea.