Foreign Relations

The ideals underlying the DPRK's foreign relations are independence, peace and friendship. The Government of the Republic strives to further strengthen friendship and solidarity with the world's people on the basis of the ideas of independence, peace and friendship and to make the international community independent and democratic and thus actively contribute to the common cause of mankind to build a free, peaceful, friendly new world, free from domination and subjugation.

On the principle of independence the Government of the Republic promotes friendship and cooperation with the various countries of the world and makes positive efforts to destroy the old international order of domination and subjugation, establish a new one, based on equality, justice and fairness and develop the South-South cooperation on the principle of collective self-reliance.

At the same time it makes every effort in unity with all the peace-loving peoples of the world to frustrate the aggression, interference and disturbance of imperialists, reduce armaments, nuclear armaments in particular, thereby meeting the desire of human beings to live in a world, free from nuclear weapons, and to safeguard peace and security in Asia and the rest of the world.

Today the Government of the Republic has established diplomatic relations with more than 140 countries. It is promoting economic and cultural exchange and cooperation with most of the countries of the world. It has up to now joined more than 210 international organizations and plays an active part.

Today the ties of friendship between Korea and many other countries of the world have become closer; the Korean people's cause of national reunification and socialist construction is gaining increasing support and encouragement.

Committees supporting Korea's reunification have been organized in many countries of the world and are active. In addition, the International Institute of the Juche Idea and organizations for the study of the Juche idea including regional institutes established in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa are expanding their sphere of activity. The Government of the Republic makes contributions to ensurihg the peace and security of the Korean peninsula, Asia and other parts of the world through its invariable independent stand, policies for its peaceful reunification and nuclear development for peaceful purpose.