Scientific and research work makes a big contribution to the socialist construction and promotion of well-being of the people. There are a lot of disciplinary academies and research institutes such as the Academy of National Science, the Academy of Social Sciences, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Academy of Educational Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences. Scientific and research institutes put primary efforts in solving problems raised by revolution and construction and prospective scientific and technological questions.

In particular, research work is gaining momentum on areas of great significance in increasing the Juche character of the industry such as more efficient use of fuels and developing industries relying on local raw materials aimed at making the national economy more Juche-oriented, modern and scientific.

Scientific and research institutes have achieved a lot of successes by opening up new scientific and technological fields suited to actual conditions with its own efforts and technology dependent on local raw materials.

The successful launch of "Kwangmyongsong No.1" an artificial earth satellite mounted on "Paektusan No.1" of multi-staged transport rocket manufactured by the scientists and technicians of the DPRK in August Juche 87 (1998) is a clear evidence that its science and technology have reached the high standard.