Service Facilities

Pyongyang Koryo Hotel

It is situated near the Pyongyang Railway Station. The 45-story hotel in twin-tower style has over 500 rooms, five restaurants and a banquet hall, a recreation room and other service facilities. Two revolving restaurants atop the building offer a panoramic view of Pyongyang.

Yanggakdo International Hotel

It is the biggest hotel in the country rising on Yanggak Islet in the picturesque River Taedong. The air is unlikely purer for its special location. It has over 1 000 rooms including a revolving restaurant on the 47th floor, four restaurants, a health centre, a casino, an outdoor barbecue restaurant and a golf course.

Sosan Hotel

It stands near the Ryanggang Hotel. Easy access to the sports gymnasiums, it offers favourable conditions to see dometstic and international games. It has 510 rooms.

Ryanggang Hotel

It is situated on the hill at Mangyongdae District where River Taedong joins River Pothong. It has over 330 rooms. The revolving restaurant offers a splendid view of Mangyong Hill, Kwangbok and Chongchun Streets.

Pothonggang Hotel

It is situated at the bank of River Pothong with about 160 rooms.

Chongnyon Hotel

The hotel stands at the junction of Kwangbok and Chongchun Streets with 465 rooms.

Haebangsan Hotel

It is located at Sungni Street, Central District with 95 rooms.