Mansudae Art Theatre

Located near the Grand People's Study House in the city centre, it was completed in Dctober Juche 65 (1976). The heatre consists of a lobby, a main theatre, a small theatre, stages, makeup rooms and so on. It is arranged with modern quipment including stage control, machines and air conditioners.

Pyongyang Grand Theatre

Situated at the junction of Yonggwang and Sungni Streets, Central District, Pyongyang, it was opened in August Juche 49 (1960) with 2 200 seats. It is divided into a lobby, seats and a stage. It has over 360 rooms necessary for art creation including 3 practice rooms with accommodating 700 people. A general performance ncluding opera is staged.

Moranbong Theatre

It is the venue of a performance of the dignified National Symphony Orchestra. It stands on the mid-slope of picturesque Moran Hill. Opened in Juche 35 (1946) and renovated in Juche 95 (2006). It is a historic site where the important national meetings including the joint meeting of representatives of political parties and public organizations of north and south Korea, the First Session of the Supreme People's Assembly were held and varieties of performances for the improvement of national art were staged.

East Pyongyang Grand Theatre

East Pyongyang Grand Theatre is situated at Munsu Street on the shore of scenic River Taedong. Completed in May Juche 78 (1989) and rebuilt in January Juche 78 (1989). Everything in the theatre is well equipped for the convenience of creative works and viewing. Colourful performances of Mansudae Art Troupe and other qualified art troupes are staged. Stages, rehearsal rooms, creation room, makeup rooms, music control rooms and others are in the theatre. The seats lie in 3 stories.

PyongYang Circus

It stands at the approach to Kwangbok Street in Mangyongdae District. Completed on May 1, Juche 78 (1989) with 3 500 seats, a makeup room accommodating 300 acrobats, training rooms for general feats, ice dancing, synchronized swimming, warming-up and other rooms. It is multi-function stages for general feats, synchronized swimming, ice dancing and animal feats.

Mansudae Art Studio

Mansudae Art Studio is fine art works creating and producing centre. Situated in Phyongchon District, it was founded in November Juche 48 (1959). It is composed of several creative and producing groups, a technical group for creation, production, preserva-tion and supply of works and auxiliary groups. It created monumental structures in Pyongyang and other areas including the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill, the Arch of Triumph and the Grand Monument in Lake Samji. Besides, it created varieties of Korean paintings, jewel paintings, mural paintings, embroideries, sculptures, celadons and metal works.

April 25 House of Culture

It serves for cultural education and artistic activities of soldiers and people. It is situated at Pipha Street in Moranbong District, Pyongyang. Opened in October Juche 64 (1975), it is divided into a lobby, seats and stages. It has theatres with 6,000 seats, 1,100 seats and a cinema with 600 seats. It is the venue of important national meetings, events and art performances.

People's Palace of Culture

It is a venue of cultural education, national and international conferences and other social events. Situated on the bank of River Pothong, it was opened in December Juche 63 (1974). The building is divided in three sections with over 500 rooms for conference, interview, banquet and projecting.

Central Youth Hall

It serves as a social education centre for the youth in the city located in Oknyu¬dong No. 2, Taedonggang District. Completed in May Juche 78 (1989). It has theatres with 2 000 seats and 600 seats, multi-function lobby for meetings, dancing and other events, four convention rooms with 250 seats, 24 circle rooms, divided in three sections of 746 rooms. Working youth and students conduct varieties of activities o their choices and talents in t. Other activities are conducted including political, scientific and literature lectures.

Pyongyang Moranbong Circus

Situated on the bank of River Pothong, it was completed in December Juche 53 (1964) with over 1 600 seats. It consists of a round stage, an aerial stage, training rooms and service facilities.

International Cinema Hall

The Pyongyang International Cinema Hall runs local and foreign films. Situated on the Yanggak Islet in the middle of River Taedong, it has cinemas with 2 000, 600, 300 and 100 seats. There are also two cinemas with 50 seats, interview rooms, an international com¬munication hall and dining rooms. It is the venue of Pyongyang International Film Festival held once two years.